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Sanctuary Advisory Council

A sanctuary advisory council is a community-based advisory group consisting of representatives from various user groups, government agencies and the public at large. The role of the council is to provide advice to the sanctuary superintendent on the operation of a national marine sanctuary. All fourteen sites in the sanctuary system have an advisory council.

The American Samoa sanctuary advisory council was established in 2005. The advisory council is an effective body for drawing in public participation and building a shared understanding of sanctuary management through open discussion and collaborative efforts. The advisory council is instrumental in providing guidance on the future direction of the sanctuary.

The Director of NOAA's Office of National Marine Sanctuaries appoints advisory council members in consultation with the Director of the American Samoa Department of Commerce. The advisory council is composed of 17 voting members and eight non-voting members (see table below). Advisory council members serve as a broad cross-section of the communities adjacent to the sanctuary. Community-at-large seats include representatives from the east and west sides of Tutuila Island, as well as from the Manu’a islands, Aunu’u Island, and Swains Island.

The Office of National Marine Sanctuaries regards the involvement of communities and the development of a stewardship ethic as vitally important to successfully protect sanctuary resources. One key way to achieve this involvement is the formation of councils. Therefore, the Office of National Marine Sanctuaries is committed to the full support, utilization, and enhancement of councils at all sanctuaries.

Contact the Sanctuary Advisory Council Coordinator if you would like more information about the council, or to reach one of its members.

Click here to download the Sanctuary Advisory Council Charter.

Non-Government Members
ResearchStudent Member (age 14-25)
EducationSamoa Government
Fishing (2 seats) 
Ocean Recreation or Ocean Centered Eco-tourism 

Community-at-large representatives
(5 seats)

· East side of Tutuila

· West side of Tutuila

· Manu'a Islands

· Swains Island

· Aunu'u Island
Government Members
American Samoa Department of Commerce - Resource DivisionNOAA Office of Law Enforcement (OLE)
American Samoa Department of Marine and Wildlife ResourcesNOAA Fisheries Pacific Islands Regional Office (PIRO)
American Samoa Community College/Sea GrantNational Park Service of American Samoa
American Samoa-Environmental Protection AgencySanctuary Superintendent
 ONMS Pacific Regional Director
 U.S. Coast Guard

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