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Education in Fagatele Bay National Marine Sanctuary

Education and Outreach Activities

Public Access to Fagatele Bay

Fagatele Bay National Marine Sanctuary can be accessed from the village of Futiga Monday to Friday 7.30 a.m to 4.00 p.m and Saturday, 7.30 a.m to 1.30 p.m. The Bay is Closed Sundays unless on special circumstances or arranged 48 hours in advance by the Sanctuary staff. Interested visitors or groups to the Bay must check in with Mr. Asuemu Fuimaono prior to passing beyond the gate, register in the log book and receive an informational brochure of FBNMS. There is NO CHARGE for access to the Fagatele Bay National Marine Sanctuary. For information on protocol for land access to the Fagatele Bay National Marine Sanctuary please read the Public Access Guidelines in English or Samoan.

Samoan childrenMarine Science Summer Camp

The National Marine Sanctuary's Marine Science Summer Camp began in 1989. Serving approximately 50 ninth grade students each summer, the camp is held on the islands of Tutuila and Manu`a. Each three week session features a strong marine science curriculum, field and laboratory studies, and swimming and snorkling lessons. Fagatele Bay National Marine Sanctuary, along with its partners in the Department of Education, hope to continue offering this special course to some of Samoa's future marine biologists.


The EnviroDiscoveries program began in 1991 (originally called Marine Discoveries) in cooperation with both public and private schools on Tutuila and Manu`a. Utilizing Department of Education elementary teachers and the local environmental agencies' Education Coordinator, students are encouraged to learn about their marine environment in an atmosphere of fun and enjoyment. Students camp out on the coast for three days exploring, sharing and learning through activities and field trips. Now produced by Le Tausagi, the campers study many of the environmental issues that impact our island life.

Village Outreach and Le Tausagi

For the past two years, all the government environmental educators have been working together in a group they call Le Tausagi, which translates as "the morning song of the bird". This group collaborates on much of the environmental outreach now performed in the Territory, maximizing their talents and resources to provide excellent community service. They utilize Americorps interns who are assigned to different environmental agencies, greatly enlarging their human resource potential. Le Tausagi now coordinates many programs: EnviroDiscoveries and Village Outreach are two that are spearheaded by FBNMS and produced by Le Tausagi. In addition, our education staff cooperates with its Le Tausagi partners in programs such as Earth Day, Arbor Week, and Coastweeks. Le Tausagi has proven to be very fruitful partnership that has benefited our island community.

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