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Welcome & Talofa! New! The Fagatele Bay National Marine Sanctuary is now the National Marine Sanctuary of American Samoa. To learn about the management plan review process that resulted in the incorporation of five additional areas to the sanctuary, revised sanctuary regulations and the new sanctuary name, please visit our Management Plan Review pages.

The National Marine Sanctuary of American Samoa is located in the cradle of Polynesia’s oldest culture and is thought to support the greatest diversity of marine life in the National Marine Sanctuary System, including a wide variety of coral and other invertebrates, fishes, turtles, marine mammals and marine plants. The sanctuary protects extensive coral reefs, including some of the oldest and largest Porites coral heads in the world, along with deep water reefs, hydrothermal vent communities, and rare marine archaeological resources, and also encompasses important fishing grounds, the southernmost point in the United States, and waters surrounding one of the world’s smallest atolls. The sanctuary is also the only true tropical reef within the National Marine Sanctuary System, and is the most remote location within that system. NOAA co-manages the sanctuary with the American Samoa Government and works closely with communities adjacent to the sanctuary, all within the context of Samoan cultural traditions and practices.

What's New

A film to be launched in American Samoa about Swains Island from an expedition by Jean Michel Cousteau in 2013, for more information about the film contact Jim Knowlton of Ocean Future's Society @ jim@blueoceanproductions.com . Click here to see the full poster.

New Film Release

Download the movie: The Jewel of The Ocean - American Samoa (24 MB)

Latest Sanctuary News

Draft SAC Meeting Notes, Mar. 4, 2015 pdf

Quarterly Report July-Sept. 2014 pdf

2013 Accomplishments Report pdf

National Marine Sanctuary of American Samoa Accomplishments Report (2013) pdf

National Marine Sanctuary of American Samoa Accomplishments Report (July 1 - Sept. 30, 2013) pdf

Sanctuary releases Final Management Plan and FEIS

The FMP/FEIS evaluates NOAA’s proposal to change the sanctuary’s name, include additional units in the sanctuary, revise sanctuary regulations, and implement new sanctuary action plans. The final management plan will guide sanctuary management over the next five to ten years. A number of changes have been made in the final management plan, final environmental impact statement, and final rule based on the response NOAA received on the draft during the 123-day public comment period. A short summary guide, in English and Samoan, has also been prepared for the public.

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