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  • Public comment period extended through March 9th
  • Development of responses to public comments
  • Development of final management plan and associated final environmental impact statement
  • FMP/FEIS released June 23rd
  • NOAA publishes a record of decision (ROD) and final rule in the Federal Register (approximately 30 days following release of the FMP/FEIS)
  • Regulations and sanctuary boundaries published in the final rule take effect (after 45 days of continuous session of Congress)
  • Federal Register notice announces effective date of new sanctuary regulations and boundaries
  • Release of draft management plan and associated draft environmental impact statement
  • Public meetings
  • Public comment period (opened October 21st)
  • Development of new draft management plan and associated draft environmental impact statement.
  • Sanctuary managers publish in the Federal Register (74 FR 5641) a notice of intent to begin the management plan review.
  • Socioeconomic survey report released.
  • Public scoping period initiates formal public review of the management plan and possible designation of additional sanctuary units.
  • Updated State of the Sanctuary Report released.
  • Management plan review fact sheets released in English and Samoan.
  • Sanctuary staff conduct management plan review outreach through newspaper articles, radio spots, and interviews on radio and TV talk shows.
  • Sanctuary Condition Report released.

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