Explore above and beneath the shore in National Marine Sanctuary of American Samoa. With hundreds of coral and marine species, our sanctuary is a hot spot for research. We protect and preserve precious underwater resources along with our unique maritime cultural heritage.

A buoy

Science and research

Research plays an integral role in National Marine Sanctuary of American Samoa by providing the information we need to protect ocean wildlife, habitats, and other resources.

Fish swim through a coral reef

Marine life

Over 150 species of coral make up the centerpiece of marine life in National Marine Sanctuary of American Samoa. The sanctuary protects more than 1,400 species of other invertebrates and a wide variety of algae, several seagrasses, humpback whales and over a dozen other species of whales and dolphins, hundreds of fish species, over 30 seabird species, and hawksbill and green sea turtles.


Maritime cultural heritage

American Samoa contains maritime heritage resources representing more than 3,000 years of human history. The sanctuary is legally responsible for helping protect and preserve those resources within its boundaries.