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In the News -2014

Sanctuary Seeks Advisory Council Applicants pdf

SAC Application Form pdf

SAC Media Release, Aug. 25, 2014 pdf

SAC Agenda, Aug. 25, 2014 pdf


Sanctuary releases Final Management Plan and FEIS

The FMP/FEIS evaluates NOAA’s proposal to change the sanctuary’s name, include additional units in the sanctuary, revise sanctuary regulations, and implement new sanctuary action plans. The final management plan will guide sanctuary management over the next five to ten years. A number of changes have been made in the final management plan, final environmental impact statement, and final rule based on the response NOAA received on the draft during the 123-day public comment period. A short summary guide, in English and Samoan, has also been prepared for the public.

National Marine Sanctuary of American Samoa Seeks Advisory Council Applicants pdf

Superindent's Update Report (4/12-10/12) pdf

Tauese P.F Sunia Ocean Center Brochure pdf

Open House of the Tauese P.F. Sunia Ocean Center pdf

Sanctuary Releases Final Rule pdf

Fagatele Bay Superintendent Report, Nov. 2011 to Mar. 2012 pdf

Sanctuary Extends Management Plan Comment Period to March 9th

Clarifying Facts About the Sanctuary Proposal pdf

Sanctuary Releases Draft Management Plan and DEIS for Public Comment

Sanctuary Unveils Informational Kiosk at Pago Pago Airport pdf

NOAA Releases "A Biogeographic Assessment of the Samoan Archipelago"

Fagatele Bay Draft Management Plan Released

Discover American Samoa's Maritime Heritage

Climate Impacts to Nearshore Marine Environment

Payment awarded to Fagatele Bay National Marine Sanctuary

Dive Into Education Establishes Teacher Program

Fagatele Bay Deputy Director awarded NOAA bronze medal pdf

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